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Course Category: Crop Production
Price: R2,000.00 Incl. VAT

Course Covers:

Climate. Rotations. Varieties. Fertilisation. Land Preparation. Planning. Weed Control. Diseases. Pests. Irrigation. Harvesting. Marketing.

Soya Beans
Varieties. Soil Requirement. Fertilisation. Planning. Weed Control. Disease Control. Pest Control. Harvesting. Marketing.

Types of Beans. Cultivation of the Edible Bean.

Edible Peas. Chickpeas. Pidgeon Peas.

Soils. Seed. Fertilisation. Irrigation. Weed Control. Pests and Diseases. Harvesting.

Pasture Legumes
Oxley Fine-stem Stylo. Townsville Stylo. Siratro. Silverleaf. Intortum. Beit Lotononis. Kenya White Clover. Archer. Cooper Clycine.

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