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Animal Structure & Function

Course Category: Animal Production
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Course Covers:

Cells and Tissues. Digestive systems of ruminants and non – ruminants. Circulatory system. Respiration. Urinary system. Nervous system. Reproductive system. Bones. Muscles and meat. Growth. Ill health.

Aligned to Unit Standard 116285 NQF Level 4 Credits 3

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Course Outcomes

SPECIFIC OUTCOME 1 Understand the livestock classes and products and the inter-relationship of livestock and crops.

SPECIFIC OUTCOME 2 Understand the animal cells and animal tissues.

SPECIFIC OUTCOME 3 Identify and understand the importance the digestive system which includes the mouth, tongue, teeth, dentition, oesophagus, simple stomach, ruminant stomach, the small and large intestine, salivary glands, the pancreas and the liver.

 SPECIFIC OUTCOME 4 Understand the different digestion, absorption and utilisation in a non-ruminant animal and a ruminant animal.

SPECIFIC OUTCOME 5 Understand and identify the anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system, circulation networks and the composition and functions of blood.

SPECIFIC OUTCOME 6 Understand and identify the anatomy and physiology of respiration and the urinary system.

SPECIFIC OUTCOME 7 The central and peripheral nervous system is explained. This includes the functioning of the nervous system and the structure and functioning of the eye and ear.

 SPECIFIC OUTCOME 8 Understand the reproduction systems including the male and female reproductive organs and all aspects involved with reproduction such as sperm production, oestrus, ovulation, fertilisation, pregnancy, parturition, and secretion of milk and the structure of the mammary glands.

SPECIFIC OUTCOME 9 The learner will be able to identify and understand the skeletal structure, anatomy, classification and growth of bones.

SPECIFIC OUTCOMES 10 Understand the different muscle groups such as smooth, striated and cardiac and understand and identify the structure, cuts and joints of meat.

SPECIFIC OUTCOMES 11 The learner will be able to identify and understand growth and development including pre-natal, post-natal and compensatory growth and the use of growth hormones in the body.

SPECIFIC OUTCOMES 12 The learner will be able to understand the introduction to health issues and the causes of ill health.

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